I'm an embedded real-time Software Engineer living in Iowa. I've been developing software for over fifteen years. I attended the University of Iowa for Computer Science. Go Hawks! In my free time I have a myriad of interests, most revolving around computing. Right now my hot topic interests are:

I primarily work in C++, but I prefer to work in Python when possible and it makes sense. I've worked with a number of other languages, but these are my main languages right now.

This site is my way of participating in the greater internet community by sharing my thoughts and ideas, and documenting things I've learned so others don't have to struggle with the same things. We all stand on the shoulders of those before us, maybe this site can provide a tidbit of information for someone to stand on.


This site is my personal site. The posts on this site reflect my own personal opinion, not those of my employers (past, present or future).

Additionally, the information provided on this website is AS-IS and I make no warranty of any kind about it. See Legal for more details.

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